MVT Valves tested and qualified as per ISO 15848-1 (Fugitive Emission Type Testing)

We are delighted to be able to announce our first type test of valves to ISO 15848-1 (Fugitive Emission Testing) has been successfully completed.

Valves tested were 4″1500 Trunnion Mount DBB and 1″1500 Floating Ball Valve. Valves are qualified for a temperature range of -29 to +150degC, Tightness Class BH, Endurance Class C01.

The 1″1500 valves qualifies Floating Ball Valves with stem diameters from 7mm to 28mm in all pressure classed up to and including #1500.

The 4″1500 valves qualifies Trunnion Ball Valves with stem diameters from 20mm to 80mm in all pressure classed up to and including #1500.

All tests witnessed by Bureau Veritas.

DIB-1 Valves supplied to Modec Serviços de Petróleo do Brasil

MVT complete an order of 16″900 RTJ, 4″1500 RTJ & 2″1500 RTJ DIB-1 (Double Isolation & Bleed – Both Seats Bidirectional) destined for Modec Offshore Production Facility in Brasil.

Valves use James Walker Elastolion 101 O-Rings & were manufactured on time with full inspection at our factory by both the customer & ABS (TPI)

4"1500 DIB-1 Valve

4″1500 DIB-1 Valve

ASME B16.10 Compliant Double Block & Bleed Assemblies

MVT is pleased to announce a new range of Modular double ball and needle bleed valves with the SAME FACE TO FACE as API 6D BALL VALVES, These are mainly available from 3” to 20” ANSI 600 to ANSI 1500 and 3” to 10” ANSI 2500. For confirmation of what we can offer to meet your specific  requirement, please contact us via our contacts page.

Double Block & Bleed Valve Order – Nawara Development

MVT have been awarded a contract to supply Double Block & Bleed valves to the Nawara project (South Tunisia).

Scope of Supply is for approximately 600 Double Block & Bleed valves supplied in A105, LF2, F316 & F51 body materials, & with a mixture of seals (including Aflas)